2001: through the crucial meeting between two young Sicilian deejays, only 20 years old, FRANCESCO ABBATE and ALESSANDRO BUNETTO and the famous producers/remixers RICCARDO PIPARO and DARIO MELODIA the project “DE-JAVU” starts to take shape.

The three guys proposed to Piparo a sweet melody sang by a good PAUL K., Italian/American singer.

Paul K. was born in New York, August 28th 1973. During his studies in the United States he joined the singing group of his college and he was chosen for the gospel group of the Staten Island. At the age of 16, he moves to Italy with his family and keeps on singing in pubs and clubs, writing his own lyrics.
During his staying in Italy, Paul also works as English teacher (he’s mother tongue!) and as singer. In Sicily he meets Dario Melodia, who proposes him to join the group made up of Piparo, Bunetto and Abbate.
Thanks to this collaboration, the project “DE-JAVU” was born. The first record is “I CAN’T STOP” for the Italian record company DEFINITIVA Records. The versions are three: “Main Mix”, the one most appreciated by critics, “Back to the 80”, from the title it’s easy to recognize the dance influences of the eighties and “Original Mix” which reminds of the original demo of this production.

“I CAN’T STOP” has been licensed almost world wide, receiving from all the countries good reactions.
The videotape has been recorded in Los Angeles, it’s a road-movie and it got positive critics from everywhere. Piparo has decided then to create a new version for the clubs, giving to the song more speed (130 bpm, instead of 128 of the original one) and with a harder sound (the original is for sure softer). Without any doubts, a good song, everybody speaks about it very well.

In May 2002 it is released the new brilliant single “NEVER”, licensed in all Europe, massively broadcasted by all the most representative Italian networks with an enthusiastic checking and waited in the USA in 2003.

At the moment DE-JAVU is in studio recording for creating the new album which, for sure, will pick up assents as the former.